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Due to the demand of the customers and the pressure from competitors, Kelly’s salon has done the self analysis essay of its operation and came up with a way of staying ahead of its competitors.  The first stage of its audit, Kelly salon realized that it needed to do an analysis of Kelly can enhance its salon business using some strategies like five force of Porter analysis in its business.  The second stage of Kelly’s salon analysis suggested that generic for competitive advantage: low-cost strategy as well as the business process that would improve customer appointment would be necessary for Kelly’s salon operations. Now there is need to find the best It solution that would help integrate the identified system so as to make the handling of customer and their needs smooth (Brocke &Rosemann, 2010). About this situation, the best IT solution would be the installation of help desk and service desk software.

Helpdesk system software is defined as a computer-based information support system that assists organizations in decision-making activities about customer requests.  Help desk software would help the salon to receive process as well as respond to customers’ requests as soon as possible. It helps in creating a ticket for the conversation purposes with the customer. Service desk software, on the other hand, would provide a single point contact (Burrow & Kleindl, 2012). This software creates a central point system of handling communication with customers.

However, for Kelly’s salon to fully digitalized handling of customers, there is a need to have the Business-customer platform. The next step, therefore, would be to install helpdesk software and service software.

There is a need for the customers for Kelly’s salon to have information about the services offered at the salon as well as the time that would be appropriate for them to have an appointment with employees. In other words, the IT solution proposed must solve the problem with scheduling of appointments with customers so that they have a clear way of receiving the salon services without delay(Burrow & Kleindl, 2012). That is help desks software is proposed as it would enhance all of these processes.

Help desk software and service desk software would be the best option for Kelly’s salon due to their efficient and effective way of handling customer information as well as managing customer requests and schedules with employees that will serve them.  This is the problem Kelly’s salon was facing, and thus this is their best solution(Burrow & Kleindl, 2012). The cost of installing help desk is not too expensive as it is a onetime cost and does not include the cost of maintenance.

For Kelly to start using the system, there is a need to have the B2 C business platform and a functioning website where customers can access all the relevant information and make a request that can be attended to online such as booking for service time and get a ticket for the schedule. Kelly would then choose a vendor to install it the software.

Similarly, there must be working computers at Kelly’s salon with internet service throughout the day so that they can serve customers all round the clock. There is also need to have working telephones that they would use to answer a customer who would need more clarification through a phone conversation(Brocke &Rosemann, 2010). This would make their work more efficient and effective.

The hardware like computers and phones can be bought locally and the software installed later. This can be done through a procurement process. It can be done by making a request of supply and then companies would be allowed to apply to supply them with this telecommunication hardware. The one with reasonable prices and quality of the products needed would be selected to supply the components.

The configuration of the components would be done by the selected vendor with the help of management. It involved arranging the components and also installing the system and making sure that everything is in the right place and working as would be expected of it. After configuration, management can then test the system with the help of the contracted vendor. They will take some employees to act as the customer so as to make the request so as to see if they would be able now to solve the problem they had with the customers(Brocke &Rosemann, 2010). If the configuration does work as they had planned the process would have to be done again until they can handle customer request, process them as well as attend to them and book appropriate schedule for them.

To prepare the employees for the new system, Kelly’s salon would have to arrange for a training session for the employees to equip them with skills to handle the new system.

This system will be used by the salon’s employees, customers, and management of Kelly’s salon. The customer would use the system to make the request and monitor the progress of their request(Brocke &Rosemann, 2010). Employees, on the other hand, would use the system to process customers’ request and respond to their questions as well as make an appropriate schedule to which they would be served.

The vendor would have to maintain the system up to the time that the management would feel that they are good enough to use the system well.

In conclusion, it can be said that helpdesk software when used together with B2C business platform, would be able to solve Kelly’s Salon problem with customer handling.

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