Writing an ecology essay can be a cumbersome task. It involves a lot of research, which during the writing, can cause the making of a lot of mistakes on the paper. The mistakes range from minor spelling mistakes to catastrophic grammatical errors that are costly. A lot of mistakes make your ecology essay untidy and unattractive.

When writing your ecology essay, you should aim at producing an error-free paper. It can be achieved by knowing the common mistakes made when writing an ecology essay and working on avoiding them. A successful essay must be grammatically correct. Below are avoidable mistakes that should not appear in your essay.

  1. Spelling Mistakes

English as a language has a lot of words; it would be impractical to try and cram all of the words to avoid misspelling. However, most words follow a predictable pattern which can help in knowing the spelling of words. Other words are widely known for their tendency to be misspelled. Such words, you should have a list of them, and practice writing them every day to learn how to spell them correctly.

  1. Punctuation Mistakes 

Punctuation marks are used in an ecology essay to separate ideas, show the relationship between thoughts, and to clarify meaning. If you do not use the correct punctuation, your readers will get confused and find it hard reading your essay.

While it is easier to notice a punctuation mistake over a spelling mistake, it creates a wrong impression on your reader. Using the correct punctuation in essays and research papers is likely to be the most neglected skill in writing. To use punctuation marks appropriately in your ecology essay, learn the different uses of punctuation marks.

  1. Structural Mistakes

How impressive your ecological essay appears depends on the structure of your sentences and paragraphs. If you make mistakes in structure, your essay defies the rules for writing an essay. Sentence errors and fragments cause your sentences to have an unclear meaning.

The sentences do not express a complete thought as they lack an independent clause. Joining two or more sentences without proper punctuation can confuse the reader. You should enrich your knowledge of sentence structure to avoid making structural mistakes when writing your ecology essay.

  1. Stylistic Mistakes

Language highly depends on the style to perform its functions. When writing an essay, it is easier to make a stylistic mistake more than any other mistake. Stylistic mistakes occur when we repeat a word over and over instead of using a synonym.

In academic essays, using informal words and phrases is a top crime. The stylistic mistakes show that writing an ecological essay: you employ the use of a passive voice, use sentences that are too long or too short and beginning sentences with coordinating conjunctions.

Such mistakes are ugly if found in your ecological essay. You should work on mastery of language or engage in an editor before submitting your essay.

  1. Wrong Word Form

In the process of writing your ecology essay, the deadline might catch up with you. To finish the essay on time, you are forced to write fast. When writing fast, you may write a word form in a way you didn’t intend it.

Just like that, you write a word form as you write in all the hurry. It becomes a significant mistake as words have their word form in which ought to be followed.

To avoid such mistakes, always plan your time before settling down to write your ecology essay. Planning will help you avoid last-minute rush, which causes the writing of words in a different form. You should also proofread your article, and check for significant problems. If you can, it is advisable to proofread your ecology essay days after writing it. And don’t forget that you always should use references.