Like people, every blog conference has a different personality.  Some are vivacious. Some are overwhelming. Some are hilarious. Some make you cry. Some are ridiculously fun. (Okay, fine. If you are going with me, they are all going to be ridiculously fun. Not bragging, just telling you. I know fun. I also happen to think fun includes hanging out with strangers who are just friends I haven’t met yet who also really like to talk about blogging. There sure are a lot of you.)

Since I’d never been to a blog conference before Type-A Con 2012, I didn’t exactly know what to expect. And I really didn’t know what I was doing with the technical and business areas of the blogging gig. In less than a year since the last Type-A Con, I’ve learned more than I ever knew there was to to know about blogging. I still look at notes I took there eight months ago and even though it didn’t make sense then, I’ve absorbed enough now to understand and put the information into practice. There’s still a crap ton I don’t know, but I’d say utilizing information I gleaned that long ago and being able to apply it is a pretty strong ROI.

The best part, however, is the people. They are seasoned and they are green. They are helpful and supportive. They are weird and funny. They have some sweet dance moves.  They make me feel like this, except with more cheering and hugs.