education level

Please, help me with the phrase “educational level” for this chart×768.png
Can I use it in the sentence like that:
“The number of men and women teachers in different types of educational establishments was opposite regarding their educational level”.
I want the “educational level” to refer to the types of educational settings, that is: Nursery, College, University (in the chart), but it seems to me, it sounds like I refer to the educational level of the teachers.
Is there a better way to write the sentence, but not to lose the meaning of opposition between the teachers’ gender and the level of settings?
And secondly, is there a difference between “education level” and “educational level”? For example:
“Education in Iceland is free of charge, but students at the upper secondary and higher education levels pay registration fees.”
“Women had a higher educational level than men.”
Does “education level” refer to the level of settings and “educational” – to the education that a person has in general?

  • level 3 tech levels to specialise in a specific technical job
  • level 2 technical certificates help get employment or progress to another tech level
  • applied general qualifications to continue general education at advanced level through applied learning

Many courses in reading, writing and basic maths are free, and you may not have to pay for tuition if you’re under 24 and studying for your first qualification equivalent to GCSE or A level.

No matter the education level– from Pre-K to higher education –students need safe supportive learning environments to succeed.
Research shows that when students are engaged and in a safe supportive learning environment, they have better outcomes. Conversely, current data also suggests that violence, bullying, and other problems that take place in our schools, college campuses, and communities disrupt the classroom and create a hostile learning environment that poorly affects academic achievement.

Those in employment are people above a specified age who, during a specified period, were in paid employment or self-employment. People in paid employment during the reference period performed some work for a wage or salary, in cash or in kind, or they may have been temporarily not at work during the reference period, but did have a formal job. Those who were self-employed during the reference period performed some work for profit or family gain, in cash or in kind, in an enterprise such as a business, farm or service undertaking, or they may have been temporarily not at work during the reference period, but did have an enterprise.
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