Another compliment I will never believe. Everyone can write, it is just about finding the way you write best. I just found a way to combine letters and words to make it sound like I know what I am talking about. Trust me, it is something everyone can do if you put a little thought into it.

Inspiring Compliments For Writers That Inspire Creativity

Writers Praising Writers: 15 of the Best Compliments from One Author to Another

We all know authors can insult one another with aplomb, but do those bitter wordsmiths ever have anything nice to say? Well, yes, of course. If we had to guess, we’d say that most authors’ biggest fans are other authors, who might understand a given piece of literature better than any mere mortal — or they might just be more likely to write about it. In the excellent collection Object Lessons: The Paris Review Presents the Art of the Short Story , which hit shelves last week, 20 famous writers choose and introduce the short stories from the periodical that moved and thrilled them. In honor of the book’s publication, we’ve put together a few of our favorite author-on-author compliments. Click through to spread the love, and if we’ve missed your favorite compliment, add to our list in the comments.

“Donald Barthelme was a magician of language, and it would be most respectful, perhaps even ethical, not to look too closely into the workings of his magic. But it’s to the brilliant Barthelme’s credit that analysis of his methods does nothing to erode the joy of his stories. Like all good magic, Barthelme’s just cannot be explained away. And thank God for that.” — Ben Marcus on Barthelme’s “Several Garlic Tales” in Object Lessons

“With Adverbs, Daniel Handler, who’s always been a great stylist, goes ten steps further, to become something like an American Nabokov. He and the Russian man share a rapturous love of words, a quick and delicate wit, and a lyrical elegance that makes every single sentence silly with pleasure. On a broader level, Adverbs describes adolescence, friendship, and love with such freshness and power that you feel drunk and beaten up but still wanting to leave your own world and enter the one Handler’s created. Anyone who lives to read gorgeous writing will want to lick this book and sleep with it between their legs.” — Dave Eggers

Motivational Comments for Writers to Boost their Confidence

Motivational Comments For Writers To Boost Their Confidence

Of course, writing is their passion, and that’s something that keeps them writing more and more without losing confidence. But, when it’s your younger cousin or friend who just realized his passion for writing, you need to keep motivating them to follow their passion. So, what can you write for them that is positive and motivational? Here’s something that you can say to inspire them.

  1. What a great piece of article!
  2. Recently I read your post, and I just fell in love with your wiring.
  3. You are such a natural storyteller. I just love your writing.
  4. Every story you write is just a unique experience.
  5. It seems like you have such a magical pen at your home, huh?
  6. You presented your ideas and thoughts really well on the paper.
  7. Such beautiful writing this is. I appreciate your talent.
  8. I wish I could write anything close to that. That’s too good!
  9. I am really impressed with your writing style. Keep it up!
  10. The last article you wrote was quite different. So, what are you writing now?
  11. To be honest, I generally don’t read. But, this article caught my attention.

A Mother Is Not Necessarily The Woman Who Gives Birth To You

A Mother Is Not Necessarily The Woman Who Gives Birth To You

Mother’s Day was a holiday I used to dread. I used to see and hear about all of my friends’ days with their mothers—their blood mothers. On social media, posts about how “Mom has been number 1 since day 1” made me happy, yet they made me sad. It made me happy seeing how happy everyone was with their mothers. The genuine smiles in their pictures made me feel warm inside; however, it made me feel more down than on most days. Why? Seeing those relationships made me jealous—I wanted that, so badly.

Recently, however; I have come to a realization about motherly relationships. I am currently in one of the most important phases of my life that basically dictates my future. Stress is almost overbearing while reality gives me slaps in the face daily. The age I’m at right now requires a lot of support, love and encouragement to get by. These are the things that most people get from their mothers, and what some get from other figures. With that being said, I realized this—Maternity does not determine a motherly relationship; unconditional love does.

I have made countless mistakes, stupid decisions, and been selfish on multiple occasions. I have done things I am not proud of. However, the women who supported me most were the ones who didn’t even give birth to me. After everything I have been through, these women were not critical. They were compassionate and provided me the guidance I needed to persevere through my situations. No matter how many errors or successes that followed, they still had my back. They expressed love to me like a birth mother would do to their child. When I faced hardships, they were the ones to tell me everything I needed to hear—things that need to be heard from a mother’s perspective. (No offense, dads.) No matter what I have done or said, they never failed to acknowledge the good qualities I possess. To this day, they still support me in all of my decisions and are a part of both my successes and failures.

How To Say You Did A Great Job

Progress is important in any organization and one way to know that is through the progress of the workers. You know the progress of your workers by simply telling them they did a great job. By acknowledging their progress through positive feedback, you provide an incentive for them to do better at their tasks.

However, it is not enough to say you did a great job. Sometimes, that can be too casual. So, creative ways on how to praise someone professionally by learning how to say you did a great job in effective and interesting ways.

1. You managed to surpass every expectation to deliver an excellent job. The client is pleased and has given us another project which I want you to lead. Well done!

6. It is refreshing to talk to someone with a different and fresh perspective on things. Your ideas on how to reach our target make it a wonderful experience to work with you. Keep the creativity coming!

7. It’s been a while I’ve seen such a stunning presentation. It’s meticulous and creatively put together. I hope you’ll keep on showcasing your creativity in your work.

8. Thank you for every effort and sacrifice you have made to make this work outstanding. You will surely receive a good reward. Congratulations on an excellent job!

9. You have shown that a strong desire for excellence and persistence can make up for a lack of experience. Thank you for putting in your best. We are proud to have a smart worker like you.

10. Over time, I’ve seen that you have become more dedicated and enthusiastic about your job. If you continue to produce insightful jobs like this, the sky is your starting point.

12. First, thank you for making our work easier and being more responsible. You complete your work neatly and gracefully. I trust you to always deliver your best.

13. This project was tough. There were many unexpected challenges, but you faced every obstacle and produced something spectacular. You have done well. I wish you continuous success.

Words of Appreciation for the Author or Content Writer

Words Of Appreciation For The Author Or Content Writer

Instead of making your compliments more complex or perfect, you better have some good words to make a writer’s soul excited. You can share this short and one word of appreciation for writers while commenting on their Whatsapp status or Instagram stories announcing their new article or post publish.

Final thoughts:

With this good list of compliments and comments for writers, we hope you get the right words to make them fully appreciated. It doesn’t matter how normal your appreciation may look, but expressing your respect for their craft is all you need to make them write with passion.