How to Make Money As a Kid? The 12 Best Earning Ways for Under 18

Are you a kid? Do you want to make money? and searching for how to make money as a kid? So listen, Age is just a number. Yes, in today’s world it is just a number. You do not have to be 18 years old to start earning money. Kids can also earn money. There are so many options for teens to start earning money. Starting from online jobs such as blogging to doing jobs like babysitting or taking care of pets there are innumerable ways in which one can earn a few bucks. Below-mentioned is a few ways of how to make money as a kid. Let’s see what’s waiting for you!

Mowing lawns is one of the easiest ways to make money as a kid. One can easily do this kind of job during the summers or whenever the weather seems safe. Before you start mowing the lawns ask your customer if they want their lawns to be cleaned in a specific manner for e.g. how much height should the grasses have or which parts should be left untouched.

How to make money as a kid in 2021 [17 legitimate ways]

How to make money as a kid

Join Survey Junkie

is survey junkie legit and safe

I don’t recommend taking online surveys at all because they pay very less, just sign up for Survey Junkie and whenever you feel like there is nothing else to do, just go and complete some surveys. If you will join Survey Junkie through this link we’ll get a small commission which motivates us to create more free content on this blog.

Start a blog (my top recommendation)

You can blog about anything you like but it is recommended to start a blog around a topic which has public interest and people are willing to invest their money in that area because you want to make money from your blog.

According to a recent research by Authority hacker (an authority marketing site), top bloggers are making $4.9 on every 800 spent which is a 71% Return On Investment (highest among all the other businesses).

blogging research

Start self-publishing with Amazon Kindle

The prices of the e-books on Amazon are very low and Amazon also gets some percentage out of it which i think is a drawback but if you sell a good number of copies each month you can make decent money.

best sellers

Start freelance writing

Freelance writing

Because, most of the bloggers are not native English speakers and their English is weak so they hire freelance writers from different freelance websites to write articles for them.

Here i would say that if you can write well better start your own blog and make a portfolio so that you can directly reach out to different companies, offer them your writing services and show your blog when they ask for samples. (I highly recommend this)

Start vlogging

start vlogging

They all started from zero subscribers but now they are have millions of subscribers, that’s because people love watching other people’s routine and the way they do different things.

Only try it if you love doing it because you will have to make a lot of videos without money and it’s quite frustrating to see no views and no money after putting in a lot of effort.

Make money with Amazon Associates

For example if you make a blog about photography, then you can review different cameras and lenses on your blog and whenever someone buys anything through your blog, you earn commission!

Surely there is a lot competition in it but we should also not forget this thing that the number of consumers is increasing day by day so it is a great opportunity for you to get started with it.

Actually there are a lot ways to make money from your blog so my recommendation is to make a blog and include Amazon associates as an extra way to make money from your blog just like many other bloggers are doing.

Start drop shipping with Shopify

make money dropshipping shopify

Make money on Amazon Mechanical Turk

It is actually a micro jobs portal where you do small online jobs like researching about a certain topic, doing data entry work, transcribing short audio clips, rating search engine results and many other small tasks that require human interaction.

Start selling on Etsy

Make money dog sitting

Make money baby sitting

make money babysitting

Teach basketball

Be a Math tutor

make money tutoring

The average hourly rate for a math tutor who is at high school is $30 to $40 an hour but again i would say even if you are a middle school teen you can command the same rate provided you are really good at math and you know how to make the other person understand a problem.

Helping Your Kids Make More Money

A little pocket money here and there might not seem like much. However, this is where you can start to show your kids how money can grow – whether in a savings account such as an ISA, or in their own investments.

Making millions is never going to be possible unless you are smart about how you use your money. Long-term wealth may also seem like a huge mountain for kids to climb, at least to begin with!

That’s why it is always worth looking into high-interest options for your children’s money. This may be an ISA, or it may be an investment portfolio. With a little guidance, there is nothing to say your kids won’t start getting into the saving game all on their own.

Financial education is still something, at this point, that begins at home in the UK. Therefore, to give your kids a little bit of a staggered sense of independence and self-confidence, it’s worth looking into every opportunity and avenue.

The best way you can help your kids make money is to be open and clear about economics! Show them where money goes – what it can buy – and why saving is so important for the potential emergencies of tomorrow.