So I was internet stalking (Not actually true, I know a lot of bloggers who were there and I had no choice but to see, hide, or unfollow. In some cases I did all three because I’m a grown up and I get to choose.) alllllllll of the bloggers posting pictures of fun they were having and prizes they were winning at Disney Social Media Moms Conference (you know, the one I mentioned here and here and here because I’m not bitter AT ALL that I wasn’t invited.) A few Instagram pics popped up of some useful information they were learning besides pictures of the centerpieces, partying with R2D2, sleeping in Cinderella’s Castle with their choice of Disney prince, hidden Mickeys in their morning yogurt, and hanging out in the freezer with Walt.

(Seriously, I know it sounds like I’m obsessing over this dang conference. I was disappointed about not being selected at first, and then I was all {Kanye shrug} and then when it took over my social media feed I got crazy again. Like in high school when you’d see your ex and then can’t stop thinking about how he’s  doing it with that ho lettergirl now. Please add this to the list of why I’m really glad social media didn’t exist when I was a teen.)

One of the bloggers posted some information  about giving your most engaged readers the most love. Another picture suggested giving blog fans a nickname like Lady Gaga calls her people “Little Monsters.”

That sounds like probably the dumbest thing in the world to me for a few reasons:

  1. This is a blog where I shill my brand of nutso and I’m not gonna wear a meat dress just to make people talk about me. (Mine would be made of goat cheese and pinot grigio, which would cause lots of meltage problems in summer months.)
  2. What in the world would I call you? Sparkies? (Nopey, and don’t call me that, either. I won’t answer.) Screaming Bitch Banshees? (That’s what I’ve been lately. Still getting adjusted to new meds and my kids are GAAAAAHHHH with Frat Boy The Younger and the stripping of the clothes and the showing off of the poopy diaper at Frat Boy The Elder’s swim lesson, and the aforementioned Disney conference all being up in my social media feed grill = what Frat Boy The Elder calls “Mad Face.”)
  3. It feels egotistical and against all of my southern sensibilities to think that I/my blog has fans and/or that I should admit that I care.

However, since the fairy dust goddesses say this is a good idea, who am I to disagree?

Though I’m usually against dueling giveaways (you can enter the one for the Swag Bag from Tracy Beckerman’s book party here), the two are related and I’m dying to start, so I’m gonna.

The Palm Gifts is offering a personalized boat tote and acrylic cup with a top and straw, and Tracy Beckerman has generously provided me with an additional copy of her hilarious book. Consider it a summer beach read package. If you put and adult beverage in the cup, it will be a summer party beach read package. I vote for the latter.


Here are the stipulations:

And as always, thank you for reading. I truly do appreciate it.