My boobs are bigger than yours

I got my first bra when I was nine. I didn’t need one, and wouldn’t for another four years or so, but I was in a  class with girls who were older and significantly more physically developed than I and I wanted to fit in. Family members joked with me that I just needed “two

Tales from the Frat House

Today I’m guest posting over at my friend Fawn’s blog, Instead of the Dishes , about life in the Frat House. (You may remember Fawn from her guest post here.) As soon I sent the post over to Fawn, I discovered that Frat Boy The Younger had emptied my vacuum canister all over the high-pile shag rug I’d just spent

Come with me to Type-A Con 2013

Like people, every blog conference has a different personality.  Some are vivacious. Some are overwhelming. Some are hilarious. Some make you cry. Some are ridiculously fun. (Okay, fine. If you are going with me, they are all going to be ridiculously fun. Not bragging, just telling you. I know fun. I also happen to think

The moment I wake up …

I’m still catching up from our trip to Boston, so until I have a moment to finish that, I’ll send you over to my spot at The Balancing Act to read about how good I am at putting on makeup. I’m way better than Snooki, but maybe not quite as good as Tammy Faye Bakker was.

Let’s have a kiki

Once upon a time, there was a teenage girl in the South who joined the Young Republicans, wore pleated skirts and blazers to school by choice many days, and had an affinity for dating uptight white boys with thin lips and weak chins. She went to a church where wearing t-shirts proclaiming teen intentions to

The smell of hospitals in winter

It seems that I’ve spent more than my fair share of time in hospitals in Januaries. My daddy almost died in a car accident during the January I was in the fifth grade. My baby sister almost died when she was hit by a car in the January of my junior year in college. And

If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Back in the day, which was, you know, 2007-2009, I had another blog. It was called “Honest and Juicy,” and the tagline was “If you don’t like what it says, don’t read it.” I feel that way about this blog and other blogs, too. This isn’t required reading, though I’m grateful to those who do