Today I’m guest posting over at my friend Fawn’s blog, Instead of the Dishes , about life in the Frat House. (You may remember Fawn from her guest post here.) As soon I sent the post over to Fawn, I discovered that Frat Boy The Younger had emptied my vacuum canister all over the high-pile shag rug I’d just spent 20 minutes cleaning. The canister was filled with dust, dirt, Legos, and dog hair. So much dog hair. And guess what FBTY was doing with the dog hair/dust/dirt conglomerate?

He was eating it. Or he had some in his mouth at least. I guess he was hazing himself. He also had a sticky, snotty nose, so some of it was stuck in there as well.

After channeling Nancy Kerrigan (WHYYYYYY? WHYYYYYY?), I turned to Frat Boy The Elder. “Why didn’t you tell me he was doing that?” “Because he wanted to do it. He was having fun.”