A few days ago, I started seeing tweets and facebook status updates from fellow bloggers saying they were going to Disney World for the Social Media Moms conference. I was jealous. And mad. I scoured my spam filters in both of my email accounts looking for my note asking me to come.


I really want to go. It made me grumpy that I didn’t get one. Not very Disney-like of me, hmmm?

It’s invitation only, so you  can’t buy your way into it. As far as I know, you can’t apply for it.  You are just supposed to be on some Pixie Dust Magical radar, and it’s  life-changing when you go. Attendees can take their families, and *poof* fairy godmothers are in the house and everyone’s wildest dreams come true.

I won’t lie. Some of the people I saw chosen to go I felt didn’t deserve it. Because it seems like they get chosen for everything. Everything. There were a few others I was really excited were chosen because they are considered “smaller” bloggers, like me. Blogging is competitive, more so than you realize if you aren’t out there applying for sponsored post gigs, pinning, tweeting, status updating, and hatefully learning Google+ in order to get your posts noticed by more than three people. Sometimes it feels like I’m selling out to make a fifty bucks here and there instead of just sharing stories and information and entertaining people like I really want to do.

But what I really want to is to be a part of that elite group, the majority of whom seem to have some type of voodoo lock on the invisible wizards who make the decisions on who gets what. It’s tough when you work so hard on something and no one seems to recognize it.

The other thing I saw, which is what I expect of a lot of the other bloggers I know because they are supportive and loving people, is bloggers who are nicer than I congratulating the people who were chosen. (I secretly thought they were being “nice” about it because they want to be on the radar for next year because they sure were hash-tagging. Hi, I’m cynical.) Other than a few facebook “Likes” on status updates announcing their status as chosen ones, I couldn’t muster well wishes. Because I was being jealous and shitty. And I knew that anything nice I said wouldn’t be authentic, so I kept my mouth shut.

I’m slowly coming around, and after reading this post from my friend Andrea, it gave me the courage to say what I feel. Which is what blogging is supposed to be about anyway.